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Nutritionists are confident that you can afford almost anything for breakfast. However, this rule applies to those who follow the numbers on the scale: The calorie content of the first meal is consumed lightly during the day and does not lead to weight gain. There are exceptions for people with sensitive stomachs and healthy lifestyle followers – foods that should not be eaten on an empty stomach (this does not mean you have to completely refuse them).

citrus fruits

Oranges and grapefruit irritate the empty esophagus, so having a glass of juice or half fruit for breakfast is a bad idea. Still, it's an excellent source of vitamin C, which will be a great dessert after lunch or dinner.


A harmless fruit eaten on an empty stomach can interfere with the function of the cardiovascular system. The high content of magnesium and calcium also disturbs the calcium-magnesium balance and increases the burden on the heart.


The most desirable drink in the morning irritates an empty stomach. It is best to have coffee after breakfast or during lunch. But not everyone is prepared to start the morning with a cup of tea and oatmeal – for many it's too drastic. To minimize Americano's morning harm, you need to reduce the acidity of the drink a bit, eg. Add milk, cream or coconut oil (vegan option).

to bake

Coffee with a croissant is a classic cinema breakfast, but it is an enormous burden on the stomach. Yeast, which is added for baking, irritates the gastric mucosa, this can lead to fairly long complaints during the day.


This fruit has a very coarse fiber that irritates an empty stomach. As with bananas, it is better to eat pears one or two hours after the main meal.

Cold fizzy drinks

Cold and carbonated drinks constrict the blood vessels of the stomach and worsen the local circulation. This, in turn, complicates the digestion of food. It is best to quench your thirst in the morning with clear water and a slice of lemon juice.

Spicy food

Hot peppers often give their morning omelette red pepper. And that brings discomfort with it. Pepper itself does not irritate the mucosa due to the capsaicin protein that binds to nerve endings. There is no damage, but there is a sense of irritation, which, as you can see, is not very pleasant. For this reason, pepper shakers should be suspended until dinner.

The articles on our website are for guidance only. Before using it is recommended to consult your doctor.



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