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Pea-pressure – the main trend of the season

Pea-pressure – the main trend of the season 


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Evelina Khromchenko and Alexander Vasiliev have already named the main trend of the season, you will learn!

The fashion set program on Channel One is very popular and well known for its moderators: Evelina Khromtchenko and Alexander Vasiliev. These people are real experts on beauty and style issues and are happy to tell the audience what kind of trend the fashion world is literally blowing up.

Evelina Khromchenko assures:

Pea does not leave the fashion scene. This is a very simple standard print, but it accepts absolutely every experiment. Here it is most important to choose the size of this pea. Especially for women with magnificent shapes. Too large and too small peas are not suitable for stately beauties.

Evelina Khromchenko knows that great pressure makes the character even harder. If a fashionista with curvy shapes decides to try something with small peas, it may look weird.

It is best to choose a pattern that resembles peas the size of a 10-ruble coin.

The moderator adds:

It is clear that our stylists can work with this pressure. However, it is better not to use peas with different calibres in one set. There is one more subtle point: Peas are great when you make your first appointment! You can fall in love with a man … He always looks cute, refreshing, charming and deceptively simple. "

Referring to the theme of this trend, fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev recalled that under the changing trends, he could certainly be called a true long-liver. Attractive polka dot ornament dresses, skirts suit young fashionable women and a mature lady.

Showbusiness stars like to use print in their look. Regular exchange of stylish photos in social media profiles.

Try a few things with playful and trendy designs. Believe me, among the different models you can easily find something unique for yourself.



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