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Three simple exercises that relieve lymph stagnation

Three simple exercises that relieve lymph stagnation 


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Lymph stagnation: 3 simple exercises to relieve lymph stagnation!

A sedentary lifestyle is depicted on the figure of health. In a passive lifestyle, our muscles become stiff and consequently pinch the NERVES and VASES, causing damage to the circulation and lymphatic movement.

In a sedentary lifestyle, the human muscles numb and pinch nerves and blood vessels. For this reason, there is a violation of the blood circulation and lymphatic movement. All this in turn leads to obesity, swelling and sagging skin.

This problem can also be accompanied by pain in the neck, lower back and legs.

Eliminate lymphatic blockage! So you relieve swelling and pain in 10 minutes a day

To get rid of lymph stagnation, we offer a series of exercises that can last no longer than 10 minutes and can be used anywhere: at home, in the office, in nature.

The main thing is to try to perform exercises regularly. Take care of your health and take some time for exercises that prevent lymph stagnation.

3 simple exercises that relieve lymph stagnation

1. Lean against the surface with one hand. The head should be lowered onto the shoulder and the chin stretched to the opposite shoulder. It is necessary to perform 15 repetitions and then make the same route on the other side.

Important! When running, there should be no discomfort, pain. There should be a slight stretch from which the heat comes.

Second Stand with your back to the wall. Press the back of the head with your hands down to the surface. The feet are 10-15 cm from the wall. Carry out 15 lifts with arms raised.

Important! The shoulders should be lowered, they should not be raised with your hands.

Third Sit on the edge of the chair. Stretch one leg forward. Hull for 15 leg inclinations. Then change your leg and do another 15 reps.

Important! When tilted, the back should be straight. There should be no discomfort and pain. Only a light and pleasant route.

Important: All information on the website is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or professional medical care. If you have health problems, contact a specialist immediately.

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